How is the test performed?

Genomind Professional PGx is a simple test. All that is required is a small sample of your saliva, collected by swabbing the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab. The test is painless and easy to perform. The sample is then shipped sent to Genomind for testing. Your test results are reported to Dr. Marsella within about a week to ten days from the time of your appointment.

Once Dr. Marsella has received your test results, Karina will contact you to schedule an appointment to go over the results. The cost of the genetic results consultation with the doctor is $500 for a 1 to 2 hour time block. Once again, Karina may provide you with a superbill upon request so that you may submit to your insurance company.

Cost, Billing, and Insurance Coverage

The Genomind test is usually covered by your insurance company. Genomind will contact you before testing if the cost of the test will be more than $325. If you have questions please contact Genomind at 877.895.8658 to discuss billing, financial assistance, or any health insurance-related questions in regards to the test.

The consultation that Dr. Marsella provides to interpret and tailor a treatment plan best suited to you is not part of the Genomind test. If you have questions regarding the cost of the consultation, please contact our office and speak to Karina – 561-394-2532.

Finding the right treatment to help you feel better.

“Personalized medicine” is a somewhat new medical practice that uses specific patient information.  Genomind uses this information in your own genetic makeup (or genotype) in order to enable an individualized approach to treatment. Most patients respond poorly to the first psychiatric medicine they try. This is because everybody is different. A large number of these differences originate from your own genetic makeup.

How Does Genetic Testing Help?

Genomind® Professional PGxTM looks at key genes in your body’s DNA that affect how it responds to medication. This can help Dr. Marsella  understand if a drug may work for you before you even try it. With this information, along with your medical history, he can find the right treatments so you can feel better faster. The personalized information provided by Genomind Professional PGx can help Dr. Marsella keep you more informed and about what treatments are best suited for you.

Genomind Professional PGx is used to guide treatment for a range of psychiatric conditions, including:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • bipolar disorder
  • post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • autism
  • schizophrenia
  • chronic pain
  • substance abuse

Why is my clinician ordering Genomind Professional PGx for me?

Genomind Professional PGx is a test that looks at genes that may affect your body’s ability to benefit from certain drugs and other treatments. Genomind Professional PGx is the only test of its kind that looks at a group of key genes that are specific to mental health treatments. Dr. Marsella is ordering the test for you because it can help them decide which medication(s) and dose(s) may work best for your symptoms.

What is the potential benefit of having the Genomind Professional PGx test?

In a recent study, clinicians reported that 87% of their patients showed improvement with treatment guided by Genomind Professional PGx. They also reported improvement in 91% of patients who had failed at least two medications in the past. Testing with Genomind Professional PGx can help you and the doctor choose a medication and dosage that work well for your body, whether you are new to treatment or your current treatment isn’t working. This can save you time and money. Best of all, you can feel better much sooner.

What kinds of treatment recommendations will my clinician make for me?

Genomind Professional PGx does not make treatment recommendations. Dr. Marsella will make a recommendation based on the results of your test, combined with their own expertise of your medical history and your current condition.

Why did you choose to include the particular genes that you have in Genomind Professional PGx?

Genomind’s clinical research and development team has chosen to include a comprehensive group of key genes to make up Genomind Professional PGx. These genes were selected based on hundreds of studies showing that variations in these genes can inform treatment decisions in psychiatry.

Will my genetic information be kept private?

Genomind is committed to protecting the personal, private health information of patients. They abide by all required HIPAA and GINA practices. Their lab is a CLIA-certified facility, which means it meets the federal quality guidelines for laboratory testing standards. Test results are only communicated to Dr. Marsella, unless you specifically authorize additional clinicians to receive your information.